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Property Valuers expertise

Real estate expertise consists of estimating the value of real estate assets and rights , whatever it may be, on a clearly defined market on a specific date.

The expertise must be rigorous and justified, established in all impartiality, by an independent professional, strictly respecting the professional secrecy to which he is bound.

The applicants for an appraisal can be very diverse: the owner of the property himself, when he plans to sell it or pass it on to his heirs, but also “external” third parties: judge, notary, tax services, insurer , asset manager, trustee….

The courts and the tax services may thus want to know the value of the property in the context of litigation, the notary in that of an inheritance, the real estate agent or the trustee in that of a sale, the insurer in that of of a contract and the accountant within the framework of an asset valuation.

The real estate value is estimated by crossing multiple criteria: surface area, architecture, building materials, general condition, situation and state of natural risks, analysis of diagnostics, state of the real estate market. It can vary over time, upwards or downwards. Land located on the coast has thus seen its value multiplied in considerable proportions in 30 years, while conversely, beautiful bourgeois houses located in the suburbs to the north or east of Paris have seen theirs decrease, despite the general rise in prices.

Whatever the reason for his request, an expertise that involves thousands, sometimes thousands, sometimes millions of euros, is far from trivial.

It is therefore necessary that it be carried out by recognized and experienced professionals .

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